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Meet Derrek Engeler
Founder and CEO
Engeler Marketing, LLC
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Entrepreneurship and Architecture


Discover the Pain Point

Successful Business Owners Know the Secret to Success is Optimization and Removing People and Tools That Do Not Perform

Explore the Industry Gap

Often Times The Most Efficient and Effective Solution Needs a Digital Architect To Create Something Better

Find the Sweet Spot

Creating a Solution That Does Not Duplicate Existing Tools and Processes Streamlines a Business Owners Budget and Decision

Perfect the Blue Print

At Some Point in the Invention, Action Becomes the Only Progress. Continue at White Board and You Keep the World Waiting

Produce the Ground Swell

Be Generous to Early Adopters Because They Are Your Ambassadors and Often Beta Testers Make Great Golf Buddies

Let's Create Something Amazing!

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Digital Trendsetters

Don't Just Think Outside the Box, Live on the Edge

Disrupting In Philosophical Circles is Fun, But You Don't Need to Disrupt in Technological Circles. Just Invent, Prove and Replace.

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Ask the Questions Nobody Else is Asking

For Years Our CEO Has Frustrated the I.T. Teams of Some of the Most Innovative Companies in the World Doing Just This.

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Become a Digital Convenience Store

A Doctor Doesn't Prove Their Expertise by Engaging in Week Long Heart Surgeries. Complexity is Not Always Expressed in Time.

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Keep It Simple Genius, Don't Be Stupid

Scare People With Your Intellect, Ruin the Bell Curve for the Underachievers, But Still Keep it Simple Because Everyone Wants to Play.

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Master of Everything, Integrate for Fun

Jack of All Trades, Master of None is a Waste of Time. Master Everything Just Enough to Ask the Right Questions During Integration.

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Associate With Ambitious, Inspiring People

Only Lazy People Call Passionate People Workaholics. Change the World, Work Long and Hard, Then Play Hard to Make Up For It.

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Have the Audacity to Create the Future

A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of your brand and story. Audacious people, products and services magnify digital results.

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